Monday, November 29, 2010

Well now, how nutty is it to base our choice of new citizens on whether they can pass a citizenship test? If you remember your own school-years suffering when you jammed your head full of information for tests then forgot it all the minute the test was over, I think you'll agree that tests are just about the most useless way to gauge someone's actual aptitude over the long term. Especially for something like citizenship.
But I always knew Ottawa was out of touch, and here's more proof.
On a happier note, delighted to see I seem to be attracting more well-informed blogger-commentators to my site, judging by the very clued-in comments I'm starting to get on some of my posts.
My partner Paul Willcocks has always had really informed people commenting on his blog and I've been envious. I'm happy to see some of these writers gravitating to mine. They add a heck of a lot to the conversation. More, please!

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Stephanie T said...

I went to the Star article and scanned a few pages of comments. Wow, was I ever surprised to see the majority of comments were of the ignorant, racist vein.

Many stated how much Canada has changed and I would have to agree. However, as they are referring to the heritage and customs of recent immigrants, I am referring to the thinly veiled hatred of the commentors themselves. Their behavior is, frankly, abhorrent. I am once again ashamed to refer to myself as Canadian, or a human being for that matter.

There was a time in the not so distant past when Americans traveling in Europe would display the Canadian flag so as not to be castigated by the locals. That particular trick is no longer used as Canada is now considered the US's accomplice in all things war making.
Such a shame.