Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OK, I don't usually go in for the flavour-of-the-day studies that have us scrambling this way and that trying to follow whatever new wisdom has popped up to help us guide our lives into better health.
But I'm a long-time devotee of regular exercise, and this latest study on lab mice underlines that exercise really does seem to be the magic bullet.
While it would be hard to test the same theories using weight-training (although I'm enjoying the image of mice doing tiny little bench presses and squats, I can tell you from my own life that weights are definitely part of the magic-bullet equation as well.
And never mind that every now and then you end up with a bit of an injury from too much enthusiastic gym time (like at this very moment, in my case). Weight-training helps restore the muscle we start losing in our 30s as part of the aging process. For every pound of muscle on your body, you're burning at least 10 times the calories just maintaining it as a pound of fat burns in the course of a day. What's not to like? 


Anonymous said...

I'm only reading this now because I'm procrastinating...

about going to the gym :(

Paterson maids said...

Hey there Anonymous, I suggest getting those ultra expensive gym memberships so that whenever you feel lazy about going, you will then think of the money that you had paid for the membership going to waste. If that's me, I will definitely go everyday. I already paid for it.