Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm going to be writing about the "camping" problems on Pandora boulevard this Friday - did a quick search on Google News around homelessness and discovered this story out of Australia, which now puts its homeless population at 105,000. Can't imagine what Canada's figure would be if we ever added everything up, seeing as B.C. has at least 15,000 people living homeless even by conservative estimates. The one thing that seems to unite all the western, democratic countries these days is a staggering rise in homelessness over the last couple orf decades.

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jf said...

Homeless people make most people uncomfortable, and like most uncomfortable things, tend to want them to disappear.

The problem with most of the solutions which have been attempted and have failed is that the solutions try to put these people into a structure which they, in one form or another, have rejected or can't cope with. This is what Daniel Quinn, in essence, concludes in his "Beyond Civilization."

As a society, I think he is may be right in his view that we --society-- have a problem as much or even more so than the so-called misfits.