Sunday, September 05, 2010

Scientific evidence isn't for everybody

An intriguing article out of the U.S. on how people have a tendency not to trust scientists. Apparently we don't trust scientists as a general rule, and tend to pay more attention to the bad news and less to the good. But really, why is it a surprise that we don't always trust science? Science has been known to get things wrong many times in the past. So it is when you're human, of course - scientists are no more able than any of us to avoid mistakes and see past their own prejudices and presumptions that could slant findings. Pharmaceutical companies' growing power as funders of scientific research should only make us even more suspicious.

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Ed Seedhouse said...

Because in science, as opposed to scientists, humanity has invented a self correcting discipline. And that has changed everything and it is something we cannot afford to lose.

The very computer you type your words into was only made possible because humankind invented the scientific process.

No, it isn't perfect, it's just the best system of gathering kowledge about the world we've invented so far. The fact that it isn't perfect doesn't change that. We shouldn't worship it, but we can't afford to throw it away.