Tuesday, October 05, 2010

There's been some terrific (and terrible) commentary and writing about Canada's prostitution laws since the Ontario Superior Court struck down three key laws around the sex trade last week. Here are a couple pieces from the former category, one from SFU professor John Lowman in the Vancouver Sun, and the other from the Ottawa Citizen by Steve Sullivan, Canada's federal ombudsman for victims of crime. Nice to see some smart, thoughtful writing on this subject.

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Anonymous said...

The only effect of legalizing prostitution is an improvement in the health of sex workers

Legal or not, sex industry powers on
Danny Rose, Sydney Morning Herald

Whether prostitution is legal or not has ''little or no impact on the size of the industry'' but it does affect the health of sex workers, Australian research shows.

A study of prostitution in Sydney, which has the most liberal approach; in Perth, where it is mostly outlawed; and Melbourne, which falls in between, has found a ''thriving'' sex industry in all three cities.

Legal status was found to affect only the health and support services available to sex workers and the hygiene and safety standards of brothels.