Tuesday, November 02, 2010

We generally picture the U.S. as a black hole of social support, but not necessarily. Here's an article out of Minnesota about a recent expansion to that state's food program to feed poor families.
A family of four earning $3000 or less a month now qualifies for food aid in Minnesota. Eight per cent of the state's population relies on food aid every month.
Compare these changes to the situation in B.C., where the best you can hope for even if you're scratching by on welfare (for a family of four, as low as $1,100 a month) is a place in line at the local food bank.
If there's a food bank in your town. If the food bank has food....

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Anonymous said...

The T-C has an editorial today praising the foresight of the the BC Liberals for closing 60 shelter beds ahead of what is predicted to be an unusually cold La Nina winter.

Fortunately, the federal government is stepping up its support of the mentally ill by opening thousands of temporary shelters across Canada - although those federally supported beds will not be ready this year.