Thursday, December 09, 2010

More evidence of the high price we're paying for tolerating a growing gap between rich and poor in our country. I can't help but feel we've been tricked - all that talk about freeing up wealth so it could trickle on down, and the result turns out to be a concentration of wealth among the richest Canadians and diminishing tax dollars being spent on services for average Canadians.


Anonymous said...

Listen up people

Here in the blogosphere life is different than over in the corporate media world: you are allowed to link to original source materials... in fact, it is encouraged - unless you are the Tea Party, or the Conservative Party of Canada where facts just get in the way.

Original source materials are the foundation for good, open, and accountable discussion.

Show us your links!

Anonymous said...

The Economist asks: "How much do upper-income tax cuts reduce unemployment?"