Thursday, March 17, 2011

Great event coming up April 30 - Family Connect, a version of the Project Connect event I've done for the street community these past three years, but this time with a focus on the region's poorest families.
Family Connect co-ordinator Mary Gidney could really use some help collecting donations of family items to be handed out to participants that day (they're expecting to see 700 people there, and kids of all ages). 

So if you and your co-workers, book-club friends, running group or whoever would like to take on a little side-project, how about a little collection drive for some of the following items?
If you can help out in any way, contact Mary at The event is sponsored by the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness in conjunction with Burnside Gorge Community Association and the Victoria Native Friendship Centre.
  • 400 packages of diapers, all sizes
  •  100 packages of baby wipes
  •   100 diaper cream
  •  600 tubes of toothpaste
  •  400 toothbrushes (all ages)
  •  300 tubes of sunscreen
  •   200 boxes of band aids
  •   500 bars of soap
  •   500 bottles hand-sanitizer
  •   700 deodorant
  •   600 razors
  •   300 boxes of feminine hygiene products
  •   100 packages of adult bladder control products
  •   300 small toys (cars, yoyos, jump ropes, stuffed animals, playing cards
  •   300 school supply items (crayons, markers, notebooks, art supplies)
  •    700 bottles of shampoo
  •    400 bottles of conditioner
  •    200 bottles of dish soap
  •   400 packages of toilet paper (individually wrapped if possible)

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