Monday, June 06, 2011

Gotta love the young page who seized a moment and pointed her protest sign toward the cameras in the House of Commons during the Throne Speech. She lost a job but is obviously creating quite a following.
Whether she was an infiltrator from the start or truly was moved to action by her growing understanding of the Harper government's agenda - her assertion - Brigette DePape's protest was a bold thing to do. She'll feel the repercussions, good and bad, for a lifetime. How many of us would be brave enough to take such an action, no matter how passionately we might think we feel?
Interesting letters in the Times Colonist this morning present the two polarities of viewpoints: A big hurrah from people who think like me, which is also to say they probably don't like Stephen Harper either; and a thumbs-down from those who think DePape's act shames Canadian legislative custom. (Sorry, I couldn't seem to find the letters on the TC Web site, but will keep working at that.)
I like to think Brigette DePape simply saw a grand moment - perhaps the grandest of her life - to make a statement that would literally be heard around the world. You go, girl. 


Anonymous said...

The twit should have been held in contempt of Parliament and jailed until she apologised at the bar of the Senate. Not doing makes a mockery of parliamentary history.

bewlay said...

She exercised her right to her opinion and belief. She faced the consequences and paid the price.
Journalists (on the)take note, its called courage,LOL!

Anonymous said...

People who show contempt for Parliament should go to jail, hmmm does that go for Harper also?