Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupiers didn't have the numbers they needed

Good try by the Occupiers, but it looks like things are fizzling out across the country. It's cold, for one thing, but probably the bigger problem is that unless a protest gets bigger with each passing day, everybody forgets about it very quickly and just returns to their routines. Then all you've really got is a camp pretty much like any of the other camps of impoverished people we've had in Victoria.
I like the Occupy movement, but I don't know if enough people are feeling the pain yet to give the movement the critical mass it needs. Not in Canada, anyway. The States - well, that's another matter. I think they've got any number of angry-and devastated-citizen protests ahead of them as the country's problems deepen.

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Norm Farrell said...

Many citizens believe that income disparity and inequality of opportunity is a growing cancer that, if not contained, will destroy our social order,

However, bringing that issue to the fore is not a matter of setting up tents and porta-potties in public spaces. It takes long term dedication to convince fellow citizens of the need for change. That is not an easy task with media ownership concentrated in the hands of the 1%.

However, our ancestors faced even larger barriers. Democracy has never been popular with the aristocracies.