Sunday, December 11, 2011

Too much power in PM's office

This Ottawa Citizen story on the Harper government's increasing control over the federal bureaucracy applies equally in B.C. Our ruling political parties don't even make a pretence at keeping the workings of government at arm's length anymore - it's all just one big spin machine as far as they're concerned.
It's a frightening development. The bureaucracy has traditionally kept a steady hand on the wheel of government while the various political parties went about their crazy antics. As pointed out by the author of this report criticizing the centralizing of power in the Prime Minister's Office, corruption is not just a risk but a proven result when political parties treat government like their private resource. 

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Dave Killion said...

This is a bad development regardless of who is in power. It is also a perfectly predictable result of the incentives politicians face. The only possible solution is to sharply reduce the size and scope of government in all areas of our lives, until it serves no function other than to enforce prohibitions against the use of force and fraud.