Saturday, January 07, 2012

Come say goodbye!

Thanks for some very nice comments, blog readers! It was great to hear from people. I hope you hang in with me as my writing shifts to a more Honduran flavour.
Somebody asked about getting in touch with me by email: Please use, as the Shaw address will be gone by the end of next week. Comments on this blog are now coming through that email, so that works too.
Farewell party/fundraiser coming up next Wednesday, Jan. 11 - drop by if you can, 6-10 p.m. at the Garry Oak Room (1335 Thurlow Rd) of Fairfield Community Centre. A very talented, engaging trio of musicians - my daughter Rachelle Reath, her partner Aaron Watson and fabulous trumpet player Alfons Fear - will be providing the music at what I'm figuring will be a great big cocktail party full of people I know. How nice is that? My cousin and her husband Toni and Lee Burton will be tending bar.
We opted to raise a little money on our way out the door for PEERS Victoria and Cuso International (my past and my future!), so it's admission by donation and we're hoping people will throw $10-$15 in the pot if they can afford it. And if you can't, no problem - come on down! 


Anonymous said...

Dear Jody,
You and Denise MP were the first people I had over for tea five years ago, when we moved to Victoria. I wanted to find out about this city (a great one too) so I have learned over the years. I have followed your writing and am sure that your work in the City will be missed. Wishing you good luck and if I can be of some help, I will be here. Arrivederci e a presto. Annamaria Bamji.

Anonymous said...

I will invariably continue to drop by, Jody. just try to keep me away. You -- even though we see each other much too rarely -- remain one of my favorite people ever.

love always,

Roberta Burris said...

All these years, I kept saying, Oh, what a great column. I must write and say how much I apprecited it." And I never did it! Distractions piled up but that's a poor excuse.

You have been consistently amazing. I love your outrage, your caring, your researcha nd always, your humour. I'll miss seeinbg your by-line.

Good luck on the next adventure.