Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun to be home, but harried

I'm feeling like the blog's just a little too much "all about me" lately, but hey, it's a big week. The Times Colonist team I was part of won the Michener Award on Wednesday for its coverage over two years of the plight of families dealing with Community Living B.C., and today's my big day at the University of Victoria, when I receive an honourary doctorate of laws.
So allow me one more indulgence: A link to Jack Knox's very kind column on me in the TC this morning. Nice thing to wake up to in this rushed and harried week back home, and such things certainly do make my mother happy.
We'll be returning to Copan Ruinas bright and early Monday. I'm enjoying all the food and friends here in Victoria but I have to admit, it's a bit of a culture shock coming back and I'm looking forward to our rather quiet, simple life in Honduras. But first, a big party and lots of great, greasy snacks.


Bill said...

Congatulations to you and the TC team for this well deserved recognition and award. To me those stories were the absolute best of top notch journalism and had an avalanching impact for our community.

Jack Knox's column was a real delight to read - do not worry about blowing your own horn on this one, your humility (humor and humanity too) have always shone thru. Knox's accolades to you are well placed. Your mom and many more are very happy for you.

Owen Gray said...

Welcome home, Jody. The trip and the award should recharge your batteries.