Thursday, November 03, 2011

Corporate double-speak can't hide Hydro's problems

You catching all this fast talking coming out of BC Hydro? Takes me back to my old corporate days, with all those interesting interpretations the Big Guys had in order to create the impression of a good bottom line even when there wasn't one. Times Colonist editorial staff did a good analysis of the situation today - it's hard to imagine that any person taking a common-sense look at this thing wouldn't see that we're really just pushing today's problems onto tomorrow's Hydro users.
Also loved the opening to today's TC story on the same issue.  BC Hydro can't lose money because the government expects a stable profit for its budget each year, said Hydro's chief financial officer, Charles Reid. Oh, if only that was the way life worked. 


Kim said...

Sadly Jodi, according to the TC I've had all the free visits I'm allowed this month. No more TC for me! Maybe, the new management will reconsider the paywall that keeps poor residents in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Too many parallels to HST debacle in smart meter rollout

Driven by a government-imposed deadline, BC Hydro is already well into what it is touting as the fastest smart meter installation program in the world. So the print, radio and television advertising blitz on behalf of the $1-billion program is coming after the point of no return.

And if there is a lesson in the backlash to the HST, it is that British Columbians don’t care to have change forced upon them.
- Justine Hunter, The Globe and Mail

asstute readers will know that the contract awarding the smart meters probably won't bear deep scrutiny - 'insiders' is the kindest word I can think of without attracting lawyers to JP's door